Saturday, September 8, 2012

The scariest addition yet....

Crafty 1s Designs has now added the scariest line yet.
Happy Halloween!!!!

Check out one of our die cut cuties ready to scare up a good time at your next party or project.

Other scary cuties include ghost, mummy, witch, furry creature and some not so scary trick or treaters will be added - pumpkin and superhero.
Let us know if you would like to see any addition Halloween items. As always, accesssories to the cuties are available for an additional charge.

Also- while you are checking out our new line, check out the new stamps that are in the catalog now too. Here is a sneak peek:

Remember the Stamp-ember sale going on: If you buy something from our eBay store, you are automatically eligible for a discount on shipping on the online store.

ALSO - if you spend $50 or more this month, you will receive a free stamp. Sale ends 9/30/2012. All orders must be at the same time. No refunds or returns. Exclusions may apply and sale can be ended at any time.
Time to go shopping!!!

1 comment:

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